A tired dog is a good dog!

Doggie daycare  is  a  great  alternative   to  leaving  your  dog  home  alone  all  day  while  you  are  away or at work.  It is  a  great  way  for  your  dog  to  socialize  with  other  dogs. As  well  as  stimulate him throughout the day. Your  dog  will  go  home  happy  and  tired  which  is  great  for  you  as  well!

All  dogs  will  receive  frequent  supervised  playtimes throughout  the  day.  They  will  have  a private  area  to  relax  in  between  their  playtimes.  Your  dog  will  play  with  other  dogs  that  are  a  similar  size,  temperament  and  energy  level.  We  provide  lots  of  toys  and  a  wade pool  in  the  summer  months  in  our  play yard!


*Discounts  offered  for  multiple dogs  and  multiple  visits  a  week  

Please note: Written proof of up to date vaccines including kennel cough is required upon arrival at the kennel.  Those without proof will be turned away.
We apologize for any inconvenience but we must enforce this policy to protect the health of all of our guests.